Karen's Coffee Corner

About Karen

Karen Seward is an Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker, a Co-Contributor to the amazing book "This is my story, but it is not my Life", and Author of 3 EBook's!  .  Her new book "From My Heart to Yours" can be ordered by clicking on "books"!  Woot!  She is currently an Independent Consultant with Organo Gourmet Coffee and holds the rank of 42 Star Achiever with the company.  She has sponsored 25+ people into her organization, which continues to grow every day.  With a wealth of knowledge in sales, she can assist you and your sales team in getting and keeping customers.

As a transplant from Philadelphia, she began her employment in Atlanta as a Legal Assistant with Coca-Cola in 1989. She was unfortunately laid-off in May of 2013, but the good news is she had a "Plan B", her coffee business.

She attends Woodstock City Church in Woodstock and meets every Wednesday with her Small Group. 

Her goal is to inspire and assist 100 families to go to the next level in God financially and spiritually.

As a Motivational speaker, Karen is available for hire on topics from "How to Effectively Network", "How to Acquire and Keep Customers", and "How to Provide Excellent Customer Service", etc. 

She believes we were born for two reasons: 1 – to serve, and 2 – to love!